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Intense Hair Mask

Intense Hair Mask

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Intense hydrating and repairing hair mask by Celine Claire:

  Is your hair damaged and dried due to extensive chemical treatments and blow drying? Use our Intense Hair Mask, made with a special blend of Vitamin E enriched Argan oil & keratin which are beneficial for all hair types, nurturing hair to be stronger, thicker and shiner. With continued use of this mask, your hair will have the manageability and elasticity that you have always dreamed of. 

How to use:

Shampoo hair and towel dry to 80%. Distribute a teaspoon of the mask evenly on the hair  shaft up to the with a wide tooth comb. Use more for longer hair or as a second application. Leave in for 10 minutes and then rise thoroughly with warm water. For best results apply 1-3 times a week , or every time you wash your hair. Do not use conditioner before! Use this mask to substitute your conditioner. 


Made in Canada.  

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